Nevada, April 2013

One weekend I took the train from Grand Junction, CO, to Elko, NV, to visit my friend Kendra in Eureka, NV. The train ride to Elko was pretty nice. There weren’t very many people on the train so I was able to have two seats to myself and sleep. Since my train from Junction had been delayed, I arrived in Elko around 6 a.m. Saturday morning. Kendra picked me up and we stopped at McDonalds and got some breakfast. After getting to her place we did some shopping and worked at fixing lunch for Sunday. Then Kendra helped clean up at the Deli and I went to the house and relaxed, washing my hair and then reading a book. Smile  That evening we went out for supper. The next day after church we had some company over for a delicious lunch of white chili with bread bowls and then black forest cake for desert. In the afternoon Kendra and I went four-wheeling through the canyons. We found some very neat places and had a fun time together. We had a lovely, relaxing evening there at the house just reading. Smile The next day we did some things around the house and in Eureka and then in the afternoon left to go to Elko early and do some shopping. Once we were done with shopping and supper we hung out at Starbucks until it was time to go to my train. It was wonderful spending time with Kendra again and getting to see where she lives! Thanks, Kendra and family!


April, 2013

Shane, the adorable little man. Smile 

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The boys studying at school Winking smile 

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Sunday afternoon walk around the lake

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Sunday evening picnic with Jeremy’s

Isaak                                                                                                                          Tatianna

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March, 2013

at school  Winking smile 

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Children Smile What a blessing!

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Jen’s sister and some of her cousins came out in April. On Friday we went to Bananas Fun Park. We played mini golf, raced go-carts, and the guys did a few other things such as the batting cage. It was the perfect weather and a lot of fun.

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February Birthdays

Jen and I have our birthday’s a week apart in February. They had a party for both of us at school on Jen’s birthday. They were able to surprise me. I knew they were having a party for Jen, but didn’t realize they were doing party for me too at the same time. Smile 

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CO10 077

My family sent me a Costco cake and Arlin’s got me a DQ ice cream cake. Both delicious!

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I got two bouquets and many other nice gifts.

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CO11 069

Jen’s parents and sister and brother-in-law came out and surprised her for her birthday. On Saturday Brian’s took us up to Telluride and we rode the Gondolas.

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Supper and Sleigh ride

Brian and Michelle gave Jen and I a gift certificate for supper and a sleigh ride at a ranch near Vale. So, we went one Friday evening in February. The supper was very delicious. They sleigh was big and heavy and creaky, not what I would call an exciting sleigh ride, but we had a nice evening.

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