February Birthdays

Jen and I have our birthday’s a week apart in February. They had a party for both of us at school on Jen’s birthday. They were able to surprise me. I knew they were having a party for Jen, but didn’t realize they were doing party for me too at the same time. Smile 

CO10 075

CO10 077

My family sent me a Costco cake and Arlin’s got me a DQ ice cream cake. Both delicious!

CO11 067CO11 068

I got two bouquets and many other nice gifts.

CO11 065Co12 009CO11 076

CO11 075CO11 070

CO11 079CO10 102

Co12 003Co12 007

CO11 069

Jen’s parents and sister and brother-in-law came out and surprised her for her birthday. On Saturday Brian’s took us up to Telluride and we rode the Gondolas.

CO10 058CO10 060

CO10 063CO10 064

CO10 066CO10 071


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