I am thankful for my many friends and have decided I should do a post of friends pictures. These are from many different times, not all current.



May Birthdays

In May we celebrated Amber’s birthday and Jared’s birthday.

First was Amber’s party. She turned 3.

Then we went to Confluence Lake one evening to celebrate Jared’s birthday. We had Ricardo chicken (not sure if that is how it is spelled) with tortillas and rice and then ice cream cake for dessert. Two of Jared’s favorites. Then we did some fishing.

Jaden’s adoption

Jaden’s (Kevin and Juanita’s second son) adoption day was May 14, 2013. Jen and I took off school at noon that day and headed to Junction for that. I didn’t take any pictures at the court. The judge was really nice and everything went well. After that, we all headed to Bananas to celebrate. Once we were done there we completed the day by eating supper at Outback Steakhouse. Was a fun time with the family. Here are some pictures from our time at Bananas. We also did mini golf and go-carts, but I don’t have pictures from that. The Bumper Boats picture credits go to Arlin.