Babysitting and life

Well, after Janine’s wedding Nellie came back to Colorado with me. During the week she was here, we (Jen, Nell, and I ) stayed with the Troyer children while their parents where gone. We really enjoyed ourselves. Nellie and I had a great time cooking and Jen did sewing. Here are a few pictures of the Troyer’s house. Nellie and I had the master bedroom and felt like we were living in luxury. Smile  I wish I would have taken one of the outside and also that my one of the bedroom had the bed made, but I was flying around last minute packing up things before school, and didn’t stop to make the bed before taking the picture.


Wedding Cake

Well, I haven’t been posting for quite awhile. Sorry about that! Two weeks ago I was in to Virginia for Joseph and Janine’s wedding on November 16. Here is a picture of their beautiful wedding cake, done by Nellie Mallow and Ruth Shrock. I thought it turned out very nice.