Amazing Glaze, May 2013

After school was out I stayed for several days before going home. One day we women went into Amazing Glaze and painted some pottery pieces. I thought their rates were good and I really enjoyed the creativity involved. Definitely somewhere I’d go again! Smile 

Amazing Glaze 003

The plate I painted. I don’t have a picture of after it’s glazed. The words aren’t quite as clear on the final product. I did it all free hand.

Amazing Glaze 006

Gwen’s project, an oil dispenser. The final product looks even better; the outer paint had little glass pieces in it that melted when fired.

Amazing Glaze 011

Becky’s project; she does a plate for each of her grandchildren. The Bubble painting process was pretty neat.

Amazing Glaze 013

Juanita painted a mug for Jacob’s birthday.

Amazing Glaze 014

Heidi finished her project first ran to Burger King and got us shakes. Yum!

Amazing Glaze 008

Amazing Glaze 007

Amber taking her nap in Grandma’s arms. Smile 

Amazing Glaze 009


School Picnic, May 2013

We had our school picnic at a park in Montrose. We had some races and a jumping contest. I ran the first race and the last race. The last one was a quarter mile and till I reached the end I couldn’t even feel my legs. For the jumping contest, they started each grade where the last had left off. I didn’t even make it over the first time. Sad smile  Backing up, before the races started, the children had great fun in the skate park, sliding down the sides and riding rip-stick. After the races, we had lunch together. A bit later in the afternoon, a few of us played softball. Only two girls brave enough to play. Winking smile I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Random, May 2013


CO17 045

Rachel and I at our last youth meeting before they moved

CO17 046

Nakita playing with her bunnies. I don’t have a picture, but we had the biggest and smallest bunny from the litter in the house.  It was so cute, she stuck them both in a purse and was hauling them around. Smile 

CO17 033

The hanging basket we gave Becky for Mother’s Day


Arlin gave her one as well.


A couple pictures from one Sunday afternoon while we were four-wheeling in the Adobes

CO17 027

CO17 026

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with posting! And now when I am posting it isn’t even current. :/ I doubt I’ll get caught up before the end of the year, but I’ll try to work on catching up and then staying on top of things a bit better. Easy to say now, while I’m not busy with school. Winking smile  Wishing each of you a wonderful New Year!