Well, very current event! 6 of us youth left yesterday a little before 5 from Olathe, headed to Georgia for a wedding in a Honda minivan. As we came over Monarch Pass it was very snowy. About 2 inches on the road and about zero visibility. We crept along at 15 mph and made it safely off the pass. Well, our trip came to an abrupt halt about 5 minutes after we went though Salida. We were thinking we were past the worst roads, but the road was too slick for our van. We came to a turn and the van wouldn’t steer around it. So, we bumped and jumped through a ditch, over some rocks, a sagebrush, and a small evergreen tree, before coming to stop on a hill right in front of a big boulder. God’s protecting hand was definitely over us!! No one was hurt except for maybe a few bruises and a little whiplash. The front of the van was beat up pretty badly and the bottom, and the bumper pulled off the back.  None of the windows broke. There was a snowplow right behind us, spreading salt. The salt didn’t help us, but the driver did stop and call in help for us. So 2 state troupers came and the tow truck. They hauled us into Salida and we got a motel for the night. This morning we have just been taking it easy. We are waiting for someone from Montrose to pick us up.  Here are a few pictures of our van.