March update

Well, I haven’t been doing very well at posting. 😦

We had a lot of company the month of February. Jen’s sister Rose came out the beginning of Feb for 10 days or so. Their parents also came over a weekend over that time. Then the last weekend in February Dana and Shari Beth (Jen’s brother and wife) came to visit. I didn’t think I would get see them, but because of the wreck and not getting to the wedding, I was able to spend the weekend with them.

March has been a good month so far. Right now Arlin and Becky are in Virginia for revivals and to visit Sheldon and Janell. Sunday I went with Jared and Heidi to Denver and we came back Tuesday. I helped with the boys and was just there for Heidi. That was a fun spur of the moment vacation. Glad it worked out that I could go help her! You can keep remembering her and her family in prayer.

Jen just left yesterday for Indiana and will be there until Rose’s wedding. So, I have the house to myself until Tuesday when Arlin’s get back. Then I leave on Wednesday the 19th, headed to Indiana for Rose’s wedding. I’m looking to hanging out with Rose, Nellie, and Andrea as well as my other friends that will be there!

Another prayer request: Remember my student Haley. She has been fighting a “migraine.” They have done a lot of doctoring and did an MRI, but they have not been able to figure anything out. She missed 3 weeks of school when it started, and has missed more than not since then. Mostly it seems they are just controlling the pain, but haven’t been able to take it away. She came to school this morning but then threw up and left. Just pray for healing and that they could figure out what the problem is. Also pray for her parents as they deal with it.


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