April Events

Kevin’s are working at building a chicken barn for cage-free, organic laying hens. Well, the big news of the month is that the barn blew down twice!! It is now quite a bit farther along and I believe will stay standing. Smile I guess the third time is the charm. Winking smile I didn’t get pictures the first time it went down, but I did of the second time. They had a rebuilding day after the first time and I have a couple pictures of that also.


A very exciting event was the moving of Evan and Kaylene Beachy to Colorado. The most exciting part is that my cousin Connie came with them a surprised me with a visit!! What a wonderful surprise!

We girls went to Black Canyon Saturday morning. It was an absolutely beautiful day! In the evening we went four-wheeling with Evans and Matts.


And most current is that I am in Nevada visiting Kendra and her family. Smile  We went four-wheeling this morning. It was beautiful!