Well, much has been happening in my life but I have not been keeping you updated. I am afraid this post won’t be long and won’t have any interesting pictures, but it is 11:42 p. m. and I really do need to get some sleep. 

The first week this month, the 4th-8th, I went to Faith Builders for Teachers Week. That was a lot of fun and inspiring! Met lots of new people! There were only around 400 people there! 

Then next week was CLE teacher training. I kept my co teacher Deanna and her two sisters, Debbie and Judith, and also my friend Renae. So, my week was busy with cleaning, cooking, and washing. I also went to Sharon’s two days and helped her. And I went and gave blood. And went to see my friend Janine’s baby–a very cute little boy named Joseph Michael. 

The third week Nellie and went down to South Carolina to visit our friend Andrea. We helped her get ready for school on Monday. Then Tuesday we went to Hunting Island and spent the day at the beach. That was a lot of fun! Then on Wednesday we headed home again. The end of the week I worked on school stuff and visited some of my friends. Also had a couple farewell parties.

Then on Monday the 25th, Connie and I drove to Illinois. We had a wonderful day for travel and all went well. The next day Melissa and Con took me to the St. Louis airport. My flight ended up being very delayed which caused me to miss my flight to Junction. There were no more flights to Junction or Montrose that night, so I booked a hotel and spent the night in Denver. Although not having things work out was annoying, it was kinda fun to feel independent and be able to book a hotel and shuttle there and then back to the airport in the morning. BUT, I could not have done it without God guiding me! Thanks to everyone who was praying for me as I traveled. Your prayers were heard and answered! The next morning I flew into Montrose. But, sadly, my luggage decided to take a trip to Junction instead. 😦 But, they shipped it down for me and delivered it to my door. I was very glad to see it!! 

Well, it is 11:55, and I really must sign off! Thanks for your comments! I will try to post some pictures soon! -Rachel