Fall happenings-Catch up time

Well, I have done very poorly at keeping my blog up-dated this fall. Sad smile  So here goes for some catch-up pictures and info.

My class this year. All sibling sets.


Daphnee and Haley Wingard    Briana and Micah Miller      Brian and Michael Miller

My first bulletin board for the year.


My birthday chart. Jen put it up for me. Smile 


One of Jen’s friends was out right after school started. We spent Saturday afternoon in Ouray shopping and site-seeing, then on Sunday we took her to Black Canyon after singing at the Chalet (nursing home in Montrose).

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Cascade Falls (Ouray)

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I think that is all the pictures I will put on for now. I do have more from this fall but each things should be its own post. The most recent thing that has been keeping us busy is helping Juanita with two more foster children. It is a sibling set. The 2 cutest little boys you could imagine, with dark hair and skin and blue eyes. The oldest, Santana, will be 2 in January. Neeamiah is 5 months. What makes it difficult is that they already are keeping a 4-mo. old baby. So we have done a lot of baby holding. Smile 

School is going pretty well over all. No major problems, just the regular struggle of managing time and keeping fast students busy while helping slow students. We are a 1/4 done with the school year now. We did report cards on Friday. Smile 

So long, May God give you a wonderful weekend!


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