Well, I have not been doing well with keeping up with my blog. Sad smile But for the moment life is a little slower, so I’ll try to catch you up on the happenings in my life. Smile 

December was a busy month with a lot of things going. We were happy when the school program was finally over and we could relax. Smile The next several days after that I worked on getting my Christmas mailing done. I did as many as I had pictures for, so now that I have ordered more pictures I hope to send some mail to some of the rest of you. I flew in to St. Louis on the 23rd. My cousin Connie and her boyfriend Lyle picked me up at the airport there. The next day the 3 of us drove in to Virginia for Christmas. I had a very good time being home and being with my friends and family there. A highlight was having my cousin Benj and his family there from Guatemala. Connie and I drove back to Illinois on January 1st. (Lyle had flown home earlier.) It was good spending time in Illinois again and seeing Roger and Melissa (the couple Con lives with). I flew back to Colorado on the 3rd and amazingly my flights went pretty well. I even got to go thru the pre-check security line at the airport, so that was really nice!

It is hard to believe a month has already passed since then and we are into February already! School has been going well. I was sick with the flu one weekend. I basically slept for 2 whole days! Arlin was sick at the same time so we just laid on the couches upstairs and slept the days away. The Monday right after that my sister June and my friends Nellie and Gloria Mallow came out to visit for a week. I was glad they did not get sick while they were here! We took them to the National Western Stock Show in Denver on Friday and Saturday. They really enjoyed that. It was fun taking them to the rodeo. We got to watch the fastest calf-roping up to that point in the month and also the bull ride with the highest score. So that was really neat. On Sunday I took the girls out 4-wheeling on the Adobes. Got a few screams out of them. Winking smile But they enjoyed it too. Then we went to Evan and Kaylene’s and played games for the rest of the afternoon. That was a lot of fun! They were not ready to go home when the time came. Smile Hopefully they will come visit again!

This last week was pretty laid back, but Jen is getting quite a bit of company in February, so I’m sure things will get busy again! I have been enjoying have time to work on a dress for myself. Hopefully I can finish it up this week. I have some more I would like to get done as well. Saturday we had church social planned by Brian and Michelle. We had an hour at the ice rink in Grand Junction, then went to Outback for lunch. That was a lot of fun! Skating is something I miss out here. The fun part was doing it with people that I knew and also hitting around hockey was a lot of fun! I get bored if all I do is skate in circles around the rink! We also had a very good lunch at Outback. After that Jen, Brenda, and I went shopping for the rest of the day. It was fun just to take our time and enjoy ourselves. The only bad part of the day was that I forgot to wear my knee pads skating and ended up with a huge goose egg on my one knee and a small one on the other. Oh, well, it was worth it!!! Smile I would do it all over again!

I will try to get some pictures uploaded too, so you can see some of what I have been doing. Smile To me pictures are more interesting that words. Smile


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