My latest photobook

Well, I haven’t been doing very well at using my Shutterfly offers for free books due to lack of time to make them, but this weekend I saw I had another offer and since I already had the book halfway done, I was able to finish it today. Yay! So here is the link so you can view it too. 🙂 Enjoy!


Praise and Prayer

Well, this past week was exciting as two of the ladies at our church had babies.
Jeremy and Kristina welcomed a little boy,Dytrick Xane, and Wendell and Gwen welcomed a little girl, Megan Rose. We are very thankful for their safe arrival. Maybe eventually I will have some pictures for you. Megan is just the cutest little doll.
And I would like to ask you to pray for Don and Twila Wingard. Two years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemo for that. Since then I believe she has been doctoring more naturally. This winter she has not been doing well and it came to a climax Saturday night when she had a seizure. They called the squad and she was taken into the hospital. I do not have many details, but I do know she has 3 tumors on her skull. I don’t know where or what size, but I do know it is quite serious. I would just ask that you would remember them in your prayers and also the family. It is very hard on everyone. They have two children, Danielle and Josh.