Summer 2015

Wow! I did not realize how behind I was with my blog! Sorry folks for not staying up to date!

After school was out, Connie came to Colorado and then she and I went to Nevada to visit Kendra. We were in Nevada almost a week and had a great time! Then I went to Illinois with Connie where we loaded up all her stuff since she is not returning to Illinois this next school year. We got home (VA) the last weekend of May.

Some things I have been doing this summer include: a week at Music Camp, gardening and flowerbeds, swimming, catching up with friends, babysitting, and sewing.

I really enjoyed my time at Music Camp. I took 2 classes on Elementary Music Ed. They were taught by Wendy Good. I really enjoyed them. Also, meeting many new people and making new friends was a highlight as well as singing in Choir. Till the end of the week our Choir was starting to feel like a family. 🙂

I was privileged to have my friend Andrea from South Carolina at my place the week after music camp. I don’t remember what all we did. Went swimming one day. Another day we went out for breakfast and then went shopping. I made a haul at Bath and Body. My bill was $25 dollars and it said I saved $100. 🙂 Yay! I already started my Christmas shopping! 🙂

We kept the Horst children again this summer. For 2 weeks this time. I was at Music Camp the first week, but was still able to see them almost every day. We babysat them twice this week. The twins are at such a fun stage. I love listening to them talk. Today when Dad changed into his clothes for the chicken house, there was a patch on the front of his shirt and it was kinda the shape and color of a band aid. Jennifer asked, “What is the band aid on?” Dad told her it was a patch on his shirt. Later when the twins were playing I heard them saying, “I want a big band aid.” I told them, “No, you don’t.” They said, “But Arnie does.” I told them it was for the hole on his shirt and they didn’t want one. Then I heard one of them saying, “I ain’t Arnie.” They are so cute!

Another project I have been working on is changing my bedroom into the guest room. June’s room has been the guest room, but since I am hardly in Virginia it makes more sense for my room to be. So, we switched around a bunch of furniture. In the process, all my walls and the ceiling got cleaned as well as the furniture and the floor. I am still working at putting stuff on the walls in my room again and decorating. I kinda enjoy decorating and yet it doesn’t come so naturally that I can do it in a snap. It takes me awhile to look and think and decide where and how I want things.

Tomorrow we are church hostess, so we have been doing a lot of cleaning this week. We should do it all every week, but somehow it is easy to let some things slide.

Hopefully, I will eventually get some pictures from my summer on here! But I make no promises! I never know what the next day will bring forth!