Shopping TRIP

Have you ever just felt like lying on the floor of a store and not getting up? Well, let me tell you about my last shopping trip. My sister and I were shopping in TJ Maxx and I was trying to figure out where the fitting rooms were. She was trying to tell me as we walked along. So, instead of watching where I was going, I was trying to look to see where the fitting rooms were. Suddenly I tripped, failed at trying to catch myself, and ended up lying on the floor of TJ Maxx! Here I had not paid attention that the furniture I was walking around was sitting up on a platform about 4 in. off the floor, therefore even though there was no furniture at the corner, the platform was still there ready to pitch me to the floor. So, there I lay trying to get my brains back together, not sure how to respond. To make it even funnier, there was a guy sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the aisle, but facing away from us. I don’t know if he even turned at all when I went crashing to the ground right beside/behind him! It hurt so badly I really wanted to just lay there and recover, but considering it was in the middle of a busy store I figured that would be more embarrassing yet.  So I got up and hobbled along with my sister as she tried in vain to control her laughter. Once I got my breath back, we were both in hysterics over it. I really have not laughed that hard in a long time. I wonder what they would say if I asked for a copy of their security video? 😉 I really would love to see how it looked! There had to have been an interesting expression on my face! Let me know if you see a video online of me crashing to the floor of TJ Maxx! So, my word of wisdom to you this week: Shop with caution, lest you suddenly find yourself cast to the floor.