Being a Teacher Is…

…being able to help a child climb the academic ladder.

…showing your students who Jesus is.

…laughing at your mistakes.

…being willing to admit when you are wrong.

…praying for your students, even through the summer.

…learning from your students.

…having to have a talk with the boys about appropriate speech in the classroom.

…walking alongside your students and just being there for them.

…having a student use your Xacto knife to pop a pimple (Yuck! I sanitized it thoroughly with alcohol. Winking smile

…teaching school even when you have a terrible headache, stomach cramps, or feel like you could vomit at any moment.

…having a chat with the girls about appropriate relationships with the boys.

…doing checking when you are totally exhausted and don’t even want to think about school.

…finding the balance between teacher and friend to the students.

…enjoying that moment when your students grasp a concept.

…wondering when you will ever find time to do a new bulletin board!

…having a student give you a random hug.

…and so much more!


Overall, I love my job as a teacher! My students wondered what my favorite part of teaching is. My answer? Spending time with my students and teaching classes.  I get burnt out quite quickly on checking; but I love imparting knowledge to my students and seeing them progress! Sometimes when I get dragged down with all the schoolwork I have to do and wonder why I am doing this, I look at my students and I know why.But I would never make it through without much prayer! I can’t do it on my own strength; only through Christ am I strong enough to hold up to the demands of teaching. (And sometimes I still become an emotional wreck.)

I would love to hear your thoughts on what being a teacher is! This is definitely not an exhaustive list and it can be different for every teacher. Feel free to comment!




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