In November I went to Tikal with a work team that was here from Pennsylvania. Tikal is a national park of Mayan ruins.

The team from Myerstown, Pennsylvania.


This is the national tree of Guatemala—La Ceiba. At least one variety. I believe there are quite a few different varieties. If you want to find out more about it I would suggest doing some online research. I found a very interesting article on www.revuemag.com. The name of the article is “La Ceiba Tree of Guatemala.”


I will share a few pictures to try to give you an idea what it is like, but I will tell you the pictures don’t do it justice. You really need to come and see it for yourself to truly appreciate it. 😊 And of course, while you are at it, come visit me. 😉




IMG_1058 IMG_1064



Besides old stone structures, we also saw some wildlife, such as this monkey (above) and this toucan (below).


Kelly and I (She was a nurse at the clinic in El Chal. She left in December of last year.)


The view out the other direction. 😉 One of my favorite views in the park.


I think we will call that enough pictures for now. I am sure there will probably be more Tikal pictures coming in the future. 😉 Thank you for joining me for this little tour.




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