Catch Up—Part 1

So, I have been kinda quiet the last month. You may be wondering what I have been doing since school is out. I will attempt to catch you up on my life. Smile Be prepared for it to be a rather long post. Winking smile

Well, first off I had to sort through everything at school and clear all of my stuff out and prepare things for the next teacher.


This is only one of the piles of trash I threw out. I think it was maybe 3 trash bags in all.

Thankfully, a girl from Georgia took a lot of my decorations so I didn’t have to pitch them.

I also did some projects I hadn’t had time to do during school, like organizing this construction paper.


L to R: Before. During. After. Smile

I also made a filing system for student records. (Below)


Besides sorting through my school stuff I also had my stuff at the house to go through.

I took quite a few boxes to yard sale and then what was left I took to Salvation Army.

Here is the car full of stuff for yard sale.


Once I sorted things at school, thing I had to figure out where to go with those things at the house…


I packed up three boxes of books and sent them to Virginia. Media mail is wonderful! Winking smile


I did have some fun times amidst my packing and sorting. Smile

I helped Brenda clean church the one day and then we went shopping.

Another afternoon I went for frozen yogurt and to paint pottery with some of the church ladies to celebrate Ashley’s birthday.




Something else fun I did was take a mini vacation with Brenda. We went to Ouray and went shopping and hiking. Then we spent the night at Box Canyon Lodge where we enjoyed soaking in the hot springs. Ahh. After a laid back morning the next day we headed to Montrose and had lunch and did some more shopping.

Cascade Falls


The first picture is water from one of the hot springs coming down over the rocks. The second pictures is the hot tub filled with water from the hot springs.


And the view from the hill above the lodge.


I was privileged to be able to attend  my student Micah’s graduation party before I left Colorado.



The Saturday before I left the men were working calves so we went to watch and enjoy the sunshine.



So much stuff to try to pack. And so much left behind. But finally I got it all sorted.


When I got to Grand Junction the lady at the check-in counter was fussy about the weight of my suitcases. No luck with getting a couple extra pounds through this time. Then when I got to security my backpack and carry-on (purple one) were so full they pulled them out and searched them while I sat there quite impatiently but trying to be patient. I got to the gate with only a few minutes to spare, hoping and praying they would not fuss about my stuffed carry-on. The gate attendant looked at me and said in a kinda grouchy tone, “Next time don’t bring that big of a carry-on. We have to follow FDA regulations.” I just said, “Ok” and quickly hurried on through, thanking God that I had been able to get it on the plane!


Amazingly all my flights went well and I made it pretty much on time to Wisconsin.

I will continue the story in Wisconsin next time.


End of 2015

Well, here we are to the end of 2015. And, no, I am not caught up with my blog. Sad smile I did not recover my email, so you can still remember that in your prayers. I feel like I almost know my password, but it just won’t quite come to me exactly. :/  But I have some more important prayer request than that. On the 17th of December Twila Wingard died of cancer. (I had written a bit about her in the spring.) She leaves behind a husband and two children age 9 and 6. (They attend our school.) So just remember them in their grief. Also, pray for my Grandma Martin who is dying of cancer. I value the time I am able to spend with her over this Christmas break, because I probably will not see her alive again. She has not been having pain with it, so that is very nice. She just continually grows weaker. We local Martins went in and sang for her on Christmas morning. Granddad wanted some Christmas songs, but she wanted us to sing all her funeral songs first. She still has some spunk. Smile 

I have been enjoying catching up with people while I am in Virginia over Christmas break. The first Sunday we had “Christmas at church.” This is when everyone brings gifts to hand out to the other people at church. I got candy, perfume, lotion, socks, and more. That evening was the Berea school program. I had not been to a VA school program since I moved to Colorado so that was special. And I got to talk to Audrey, Miriam, Janine, Sarah, Janell, and Nellie.  I was at Connie’s Wednesday night and Thursday. Friday we had our Martin Christmas dinner at Uncle Art’s. Saturday morning I went out for Breakfast and then shopping with Connie and Lyle and Josh and Clinton. Sunday I went down to Uncle Art’s for lunch since they were having some other of my friends over too. Then I stopped by Granddad’s on my way home. I look forward to spending more time with some of my friends this week.

And one more note: It has been unseasonably warm! In the 70s some days! And very rainy. Looks like I’m missing out on the cold and snow in Colorado. Minus all the rain, I do enjoy the warm weather. Smile 

Blessings to everyone, and a Happy New Year!


Pictures from Nevada Trip

Since I never posted my pictures from our Nevada trip in May, I will do that now. Connie came to Colorado and then we drove to Nevada to see Kendra. What a fun week!!! One day we went hiking at Lamoille Canyon. Another day we went swimming in the warm spring at Duckwater. I didn’t figure out till part way through the trip that my camera was set on the wrong setting, making my pictures a small size. I was especially bummed because I had taken a lot of pictures at Lamoille. Live and learn, I guess. Now I try to remember to check my camera settings and see if the sizing is correct .


And the month is flying by!! We have been having absolutely amazing weather here in Colorado! The sun has been shining brightly and we have been soaking up the sunshine and loving the warm weather. The first weekend in February Jen and I went with Brian Martin’s family to Glenwood spring for the weekend. They took us for our birthdays. That was a lot of fun! Our hotel had a pool with a nice waterslide, so we swam for awhile in the afternoon. Then we ate supper at a Mexican restaurant. After that we rode the tram cars to the top of the mountain where there is a fun park. We didn’t do any rides, but we did watch the fireworks that were being set off in the Valley. The next morning we went to the little Mennonite church where Brian’s cousin Lisa and her husband Merle attend. That was interesting. It is not a conservative Mennonite church. It was very small, maybe around 20, plus our group. After lunch with Merle and Lisa, we headed back to Olathe where we attended Sunnyview’s evening church service.

This past week on Tuesday, Jen’s sister Lorna and two friends, Kelly and Lois, came out to visit. We very much enjoyed their visit and were sad to see them leave today. On Tuesday they did a surprise lunch for Jen’s birthday. That was a lot of fun. Wednesday evening Jared’s and Wendall’s came over and we had a celebration for Jen and my birthdays. We had delicious enchiladas with chips and fresh salsa. For dessert we had ice cream cake. We got some very nice gifts! I was shocked and very happy to get a serger from Arlin and Becky! Thursday we went to Junction after school and went to Bananas. We did the Go Carts and Mini Golf. Then we went to Sonic for supper.

Friday after school we went to Ouray. We went to the Hot Springs in the evening. That was amazing! Then we spent the night in Ouray. Saturday we drove up to Ironton so the girls could get a better look at the Mountains. After that we took our time and strolled the streets and shopped until we were hungry. Then we went to Buen Tiempo for lunch. I had spinach enchildas which were very good. Then we went to Cascade Falls and spent some time there enjoying the beauty of God’s creation and the warm sunshine. After making a stop at Mouse’s so Lorna could get some chocolate, we headed back to Montrose where we did a little more shopping and then had some frozen yogurt. All in all it was a very fun weekend!


The mountains by Ironton, an ice climber we saw on our way


Cascade falls

July happenings

In my last post I told you I was teaching at Bethany Bible school. Here is a picture of my class doing their work.



This past weekend my sisters and I went to North Carolina to visit Kelvin Good’s family. It was interesting seeing their new place and getting to see some of North Carolina. We had a very enjoyable time. We spent part of Friday in South Boston, Virginia. Then in the evening we went to Cedarock park for a picnic. On Saturday we went to Burlington, NC, and went shopping at the Alamance Crossing shopping center where we enjoyed a candle store, Bath and Body Works, Hobby Lobby, Coldstone Creamery, and Barnes and Noble. We then went to a Krispy Kreme place where you could see the donuts being made and, of course, we ate some donuts! We enjoyed a relaxing evening at home Saturday, playing ping-pong and reading books. Sunday we enjoyed worshipping with the Caswell congregation. After a delicious lunch at church we girls headed to Kelvin’s, took some pictures, changed our clothes, and headed home. It was a very fun weekend!

We girls.

027 - Copy

024 - Copy

June, LuAnne, Lori, Heidi, Darla, Karla, Rachel