Random, May 2013


CO17 045

Rachel and I at our last youth meeting before they moved

CO17 046

Nakita playing with her bunnies. I don’t have a picture, but we had the biggest and smallest bunny from the litter in the house.  It was so cute, she stuck them both in a purse and was hauling them around. Smile 

CO17 033

The hanging basket we gave Becky for Mother’s Day


Arlin gave her one as well.


A couple pictures from one Sunday afternoon while we were four-wheeling in the Adobes

CO17 027

CO17 026

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with posting! And now when I am posting it isn’t even current. :/ I doubt I’ll get caught up before the end of the year, but I’ll try to work on catching up and then staying on top of things a bit better. Easy to say now, while I’m not busy with school. Winking smile  Wishing each of you a wonderful New Year!


May Birthdays

In May we celebrated Amber’s birthday and Jared’s birthday.

First was Amber’s party. She turned 3.

Then we went to Confluence Lake one evening to celebrate Jared’s birthday. We had Ricardo chicken (not sure if that is how it is spelled) with tortillas and rice and then ice cream cake for dessert. Two of Jared’s favorites. Then we did some fishing.

Jaden’s adoption

Jaden’s (Kevin and Juanita’s second son) adoption day was May 14, 2013. Jen and I took off school at noon that day and headed to Junction for that. I didn’t take any pictures at the court. The judge was really nice and everything went well. After that, we all headed to Bananas to celebrate. Once we were done there we completed the day by eating supper at Outback Steakhouse. Was a fun time with the family. Here are some pictures from our time at Bananas. We also did mini golf and go-carts, but I don’t have pictures from that. The Bumper Boats picture credits go to Arlin.

April, 2013

Shane, the adorable little man. Smile 

CO15 026CO15 021

The boys studying at school Winking smile 

CO15 018CO15 019

Sunday afternoon walk around the lake

CO15 001CO15 012

Sunday evening picnic with Jeremy’s

Isaak                                                                                                                          Tatianna

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February Birthdays

Jen and I have our birthday’s a week apart in February. They had a party for both of us at school on Jen’s birthday. They were able to surprise me. I knew they were having a party for Jen, but didn’t realize they were doing party for me too at the same time. Smile 

CO10 075

CO10 077

My family sent me a Costco cake and Arlin’s got me a DQ ice cream cake. Both delicious!

CO11 067CO11 068

I got two bouquets and many other nice gifts.

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CO11 079CO10 102

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CO11 069

Jen’s parents and sister and brother-in-law came out and surprised her for her birthday. On Saturday Brian’s took us up to Telluride and we rode the Gondolas.

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