LA Street ministry, October 2012

Jen and I took off school one weekend and traveled with Arlin and Becky to LA. We got there a little early and took time to go through the fabric section. We had a small group, but we had a very good weekend. We were on Broadway, in Santa Monica, and in Hollywood singing and handing out literature and Cds. While in Hollywood we witnessed a zombie walk. Something I hope I never have to experience again! How people could dress up and act like that is beyond me! They tried hard to distract us with their moanings and groanings, but God was stronger! Although it was horrible, it was also a very good experience: You could feel the power of God at work.  (There is a video on Youtube taken by one of the zombies which has our group singing, you can probably find it if you search Singing Religious Group at Zombie Walk by Glockerstein.)

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the zipper store was quite interesting!! Winking smile  I don’t think they ever take inventory

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We got to see the sunset over the Pacific when we were in Santa Monica.

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this man was quite unique! (below)

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In Hollywood with the Zombies! (above)

some sweet little girls listening to us sing (below)

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Goodbye, California!

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