Catch Up—Part 3

And now for Michigan! Winking smile

It was rather rainy the first while and we didn’t do too much.

One afternoon we went with Marcella and Fanny to the greenhouse and got some plants.


One of my favorite experiences while in Michigan was eating Brook Trout. They fry the fish whole (no guts, tho). Winking smile If they are small you can eat the whole thing, including the head. I didn’t eat the head of mine. Smile The tail is a special delicacy. Very nice and crispy, kind of like a potato chip. What a delicious meal! Thanks, Mike, for inviting us!


I also got to help Connie do some discing for a farmer by Germfask. I really enjoyed the chance to do that!


Farming in Michigan is a bit different from Virginia. Notice those white birds behind Con’s tractor? Those are seagulls. A different sight than what I am used to! We were glad for the cabs on our tractors. Winking smile

I had an interesting experience while helping on the farm the second day. As we were discing, my disc started piling on the left front corner. Here I had a bad bearing. So I had to take my disc back to let Edgar fix that. While he was working on that he told me to go with Jennifer to help load a cow and calf.

We headed over to her farm to do that. Before loading the cattle we needed to put them through the shoot and pull some afterbirth out of the mom and give the baby a shot. It ended up being a little more complicated than we thought. Jennifer and I did manage to give the calf its shot, but we couldn’t get out the afterbirth. Edgar came over to help us.

Here the afterbirth was fermenting inside the cow. Yuck! As Edgar started getting it out, it smelled terrible! I didn’t think that much of it at first, but I started to feel a little woozy. So I sat down for awhile. As that wasn’t really helping, I went outside to walk around; but it just wouldn’t go away. My vision was mostly blacked out. I went back in the barn as they were finishing up some stuff. Edgar was trying to talk to me, but I don’t really recall what about as I was not very focused.

Then, although I didn’t want to, I said, “Jennifer, I’m going to faint.” And I sat down by the wall. Jennifer kicked into nurse mode (she is a nurse), asking me if I had breakfast and if I’d had anything to drink that morning. I answered her questions while her dad went and got me water. I never did pass out, although my vision went totally black.

Meanwhile, Con’s disc had a bad bearing and she wondered what was going on. She finally got ahold of Edgar and he told her I was having a “spell.” She was like, “What?!”

After sitting and drinking some water, I began to revive and my vision started coming back. Once I could get up, we got in the truck and headed back to the main farm for lunch. Till lunch was over I had a headache, but felt much better over all. Con said we could go home, but I decided to stick it out and keep discing. I was glad when we headed home mid-afternoon, though. It was the strangest fainting experience I have ever had, it felt like it drained my energy and left me with a terrible headache.

I was rather embarrassed at fainting over such a thing, but Edgar and Jennifer were super nice about it.

That evening  we had planned to go fishing. So once we got home, I washed out the boat while Con went to work at the shop. I also got a nap in and was able to enjoy a nice evening of fishing. Thanks, Lyle, for taking time out of your busy schedule to take us fishing!


Thank you, Con, for sending me these fishing pictures!

And, thank you, Lyle and Connie, for putting up with me for so long. Winking smile I really enjoyed my time with y’all!

After a week and half in Michigan, I got a ride in to Virginia with Lyle and Connie. We drove to Pennsylvania and were there for a part of a day before heading on down to Virginia.

So, see you in Virginia next time!


Catch Up—Part 1

So, I have been kinda quiet the last month. You may be wondering what I have been doing since school is out. I will attempt to catch you up on my life. Smile Be prepared for it to be a rather long post. Winking smile

Well, first off I had to sort through everything at school and clear all of my stuff out and prepare things for the next teacher.


This is only one of the piles of trash I threw out. I think it was maybe 3 trash bags in all.

Thankfully, a girl from Georgia took a lot of my decorations so I didn’t have to pitch them.

I also did some projects I hadn’t had time to do during school, like organizing this construction paper.


L to R: Before. During. After. Smile

I also made a filing system for student records. (Below)


Besides sorting through my school stuff I also had my stuff at the house to go through.

I took quite a few boxes to yard sale and then what was left I took to Salvation Army.

Here is the car full of stuff for yard sale.


Once I sorted things at school, thing I had to figure out where to go with those things at the house…


I packed up three boxes of books and sent them to Virginia. Media mail is wonderful! Winking smile


I did have some fun times amidst my packing and sorting. Smile

I helped Brenda clean church the one day and then we went shopping.

Another afternoon I went for frozen yogurt and to paint pottery with some of the church ladies to celebrate Ashley’s birthday.




Something else fun I did was take a mini vacation with Brenda. We went to Ouray and went shopping and hiking. Then we spent the night at Box Canyon Lodge where we enjoyed soaking in the hot springs. Ahh. After a laid back morning the next day we headed to Montrose and had lunch and did some more shopping.

Cascade Falls


The first picture is water from one of the hot springs coming down over the rocks. The second pictures is the hot tub filled with water from the hot springs.


And the view from the hill above the lodge.


I was privileged to be able to attend  my student Micah’s graduation party before I left Colorado.



The Saturday before I left the men were working calves so we went to watch and enjoy the sunshine.



So much stuff to try to pack. And so much left behind. But finally I got it all sorted.


When I got to Grand Junction the lady at the check-in counter was fussy about the weight of my suitcases. No luck with getting a couple extra pounds through this time. Then when I got to security my backpack and carry-on (purple one) were so full they pulled them out and searched them while I sat there quite impatiently but trying to be patient. I got to the gate with only a few minutes to spare, hoping and praying they would not fuss about my stuffed carry-on. The gate attendant looked at me and said in a kinda grouchy tone, “Next time don’t bring that big of a carry-on. We have to follow FDA regulations.” I just said, “Ok” and quickly hurried on through, thanking God that I had been able to get it on the plane!


Amazingly all my flights went well and I made it pretty much on time to Wisconsin.

I will continue the story in Wisconsin next time.

Every 15th Photo

I was recently reading my friend Luci’s blog and she did a post of every 15th photo on her phone. As I was reading, I was thinking, This is a kinda cool idea. Then, at the end of her post she challenged each of us to make a post of every 15th photo. So, here I am, up for the challenge. Smile


#1 Blue fabric

A piece of fabric that I am thinking about trying to sell on Fabric Swappers. I had gotten it for serving at a wedding, but then I ended up moving to Colorado to teach school and didn’t go to that wedding. I do love the color though!


#2 Super Ninja Throwing Stars

We made these in art class today. Everyone had a lot of fun making them, even those who think art is usually boring. Smile


#3 Silverton Durango Train.

Some of Jen’s family was here over the weekend and we four-wheeled over the mountain to Silverton and had lunch there.


#4 Scoring box from Keyboarding LightUnit.

I was trying to figure out how the scoring works and so took a picture to email to CLP to ask how I was to do it. I think I have it figured out now.


#5 Paper towel curtain.

This is what happens when the teacher hasn’t made curtains yet. The students improvise with a paper towel roll. Winking smile


#6 Buck crossing lane.

I saw this fellow on our lane one night one my way home from youth.


#7 Books!

Some books I ordered off Amazon. Books are my weakness.


#8 S’moratilla.

Our invention when camping this summer. I called it a S’mores Quesadilla, but my cousin Trenton christened it a S’moratilla and the name stuck. Instead of using bread in a mountain pie iron, I used half a tortilla and then filled it with peanut butter, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips. It was delicious!


# 9 Larita

Darla and I went up to Seney, MI, this summer to help with Vacation Bible School. One day some of us went fishing on Lake Superior. The weather was beautiful and we had a very good day!


#10 Juicy Hamburger

Whenever we needed a quick supper this summer, I usually made hamburgers. They are quick and easy and always delicious!


#11 Breakfast

This was a fairly normal breakfast for me this summer. One or two eggs fried over easy mixed with sautéed fajita mix and sausage. Sometimes I added salsa as well. Very delicious and healthy!


#12 Delicious Salad

I always enjoy a good salad!


#13 Maid of Honor

My best friend (and cousin) got married this summer and I was privileged to be her maid of honor.


#14 Colorado Rockies

A picture I took on my flight from Montrose to Denver this spring.


#15 Man standing on cliff

This spring Jen and I went with Jeremy and Kristina and their family to Moab, UT. This is a pic from some of the four-wheeling we did.


#16 Utah rock

Another picture from four-wheeling.


#17 Four Wheelers

And yet another four-wheeling picture.


#18 Lilacs

These beautiful flowers were brought to me at school this spring.


#19 Daphnee

I had night school with my students this spring and we had a cereal party after their work was done.


#20 On The Border

This spring we stopped in Denver on our way to Cheyenne and of course we had to eat at On The Border. Smile

Well, this post took longer than I thought it would even though it didn’t take much thought. Smile Now you have seen a few slices of my life over the summer. Comment on your favorite picture or share a link to your own post of every 15th picture off your phone.

Back to Colorado!

Well, this may be a kinda random post of catching you up on a few of the happenings in my life the last while. Flew to Colorado on August 25. For the most part everything went very smoothly. We did have to wait a bit in Salt Lake for a crew, but only got into Junction a few minutes late. The worst part of the day was sitting beside a child/teen with very bad BO! Sad smile I was never so glad to get off an airplane! At least it was only an hour flight and I was able to sleep for some of it. Brenda kindly picked me up in Junction and brought me home. I came back to new carpet in my room and new furniture. Smile Well, new for me anyway. When they did the carpet they decided the bedroom set was too trashy to put back in my room so I got Arlin’s old set. That is nice since some of the drawer handles were off the other set and some of the drawers didn’t work very well. But, I had to find a new home for things. I was very glad for the organizing I had done last school year, but really need to do some more. Maybe I have too much stuff….

I worked at school everyday from the time I came until the day school started. I had hoped to get done sooner, but had some difficulties with my birthday chart. I had an idea in mind but wasn’t quite sure how to work it out in real life. So I went online and found a picture of a banana leaf, then used an overhead projector and drew it off onto poster board. I did 12 of them. Then I colored them all using oil pastels. Then I cut them out. Everything good so far. Hmm. Might be nice to have them laminated. Oops! Not a good idea. The oil pastels melted off. Sad smile Now what. I had to think of plan B.  So, I went back into town and took the leaves to get color copied. They wouldn’t be ready till the next morning. Ok. So the next morning she called and said they were ready. I took my scissors with me and after picking up the leaves went to Starbucks and got some coffee and sat there for an hour cutting leaves out. When I was about halfway done I called the Laminating place and told them I was bringing in some stuff to get laminated.  She said, “Ok. I start warming up the machine.” But, I got there only to find out she had gotten too busy and wasn’t able to do them right away. Bummer! Sad smile So I had to go back in town that evening to pick them up. Then they had to be cut out yet. Needless to say, that project took way longer than I wanted. But I did get it up before school started. Smile I felt way more ready for school this year than any year yet. I’m glad I allowed as much time as I did to get ready. My theme this year is tree frogs. Here is a picture of my Birthday chart:


Oh, and the first day I started working at school I was cleaning my walls. When I went to move my bookcase out from the wall it was rather wobbly. I decided I was tired of this pitiful bookcase that the back didn’t stay on and wasn’t very sturdy. I went to town looking for a bookcase. After looking at Salvation Army and ReStore in Montrose and finding nothing suitable, I went to Renovator’s warehouse in Delta where I found a sturdier one that would work. It is veneer, not solid wood, but much better than my last one. The next day I went and picked it up and took it to school. I took all the books and stuff out of my old bookcase. Then I scooted it out from the wall and moved the new bookcase in. Well, when I went to move the old bookcase totally out of the room, the bottom part just collapsed! I was so glad the books were already off of it and I had another bookcase! I can only imagine if that would have happened during class when the bookcase was loaded with books!!

Here is a picture of my class this year:


Daphnee         Ashley          Haley       Briana        Micah       Shane      Brian

Daphnee and Haley are sisters and Ashley is their cousin.

Briana, Micah, and Shane are also siblings.

Ashley and Shane are in 6th grade. Brian is in 7th.  Briana and Daphnee are in 8th.

Haley in 9th. And Micah in 10th.

Well, I could write much more, but my fingers are going to sleep so it is getting a little hard to type so I guess I will sign off for now.

I would love to hear from y’all! –Rachel

Pictures from Nevada Trip

Since I never posted my pictures from our Nevada trip in May, I will do that now. Connie came to Colorado and then we drove to Nevada to see Kendra. What a fun week!!! One day we went hiking at Lamoille Canyon. Another day we went swimming in the warm spring at Duckwater. I didn’t figure out till part way through the trip that my camera was set on the wrong setting, making my pictures a small size. I was especially bummed because I had taken a lot of pictures at Lamoille. Live and learn, I guess. Now I try to remember to check my camera settings and see if the sizing is correct .

April 2015

Well, it has been quite awhile since I have posted! The month of April was fairly busy.

Easter weekend I went to Nevada to visit Kendra and her family. It was great seeing everyone there again!

Believe it or not I hardly took any pictures while I was there. So here a a couple from the ones I have.

Part of Ruby Canyon (from the Train).


A pic of Kenj at an old mine we four-wheeled to.


The next weekend we 4 youth girls from Sunnyview went to Westcliffe to visit Vernon Yoders. We visited the Royal Gorge on Saturday and then did some thrift store shopping in Cañon City. I thought the zip line across the Gorge looked like a lot of fun, but as no one else in my group was going to do it, I decided not to spend money on it. (So, if you are ever going and plan to do the zip line, let me know so I can come join you. Winking smile )


the four youth girls                                            Brenda and Ashley


We rode the Gondolas over the Gorge and then walked back to the visitors center over the Bridge. Being there and seeing all the damage that was done by the fire really makes me wish I would have been there before the fire in 2012. But it is still a gorgeous place to visit. I’m glad I was able to go.

On the 21st of April we had our second school field trip for the year. First we went to a Trampoline Park and were there an hour. Then we ate lunch at a park. In the afternoon we had the skating rink for an hour. All in all it was a very fun field trip! The kids loved it and and so did the teachers. Smile 


foam pits


Trampoline Basketball


Climbing wall  (there is a foam pit below)


The big boys give swing rides


And sorry, but I don’t have any pictures of skating. Every time I get so busy skating I don’t take any pictures. Sad smile

July happenings

In my last post I told you I was teaching at Bethany Bible school. Here is a picture of my class doing their work.



This past weekend my sisters and I went to North Carolina to visit Kelvin Good’s family. It was interesting seeing their new place and getting to see some of North Carolina. We had a very enjoyable time. We spent part of Friday in South Boston, Virginia. Then in the evening we went to Cedarock park for a picnic. On Saturday we went to Burlington, NC, and went shopping at the Alamance Crossing shopping center where we enjoyed a candle store, Bath and Body Works, Hobby Lobby, Coldstone Creamery, and Barnes and Noble. We then went to a Krispy Kreme place where you could see the donuts being made and, of course, we ate some donuts! We enjoyed a relaxing evening at home Saturday, playing ping-pong and reading books. Sunday we enjoyed worshipping with the Caswell congregation. After a delicious lunch at church we girls headed to Kelvin’s, took some pictures, changed our clothes, and headed home. It was a very fun weekend!

We girls.

027 - Copy

024 - Copy

June, LuAnne, Lori, Heidi, Darla, Karla, Rachel