Joe and Rose

Jen’s sister and my good friend Rose got married in Indiana on March 22. I left the Wednesday before the wedding to fly to Indiana. I ended up sitting at my home airport for 5 hours, before getting started on my journey. Therefore I missed my flight out of Chicago and ended up taking the bus to South Bend, getting there at 1:00 Thursday morning instead of 6:42 Wednesday evening. Thursday and Friday we spend setting up for the reception and preparing food. Thursday night we had a last single girls bash with Rose. Winking smile Saturday was rather cold, but they had a very nice wedding. I don’t have captions on the pictures so I will kinda explain a few. We (Nell, Andrea, and I) helped make the bridal bouquets. The one I am holding is the one I made. We also made the pom poms which hung in the entrance. That was a new experience for me. Rose’s brother added the gold fish to Joe and Rose’s glasses at the table. We had cheese cubes, ranch pretzels, fruit kabobs, and punch or peach tea for appetizer. Main course was grilled chicken sandwiches, a chip mixture, broccoli salad, raspberry yogurt salad, and an ice cream desert.

We played volleyball in the evening after the wedding. That was fun, even though there were 30 teams!! At the end we played several games with just a few of us and that was a lot of fun!! Jen and I flew back to Colorado on Sunday. It felt very good to be home again!

Wedding Cake

Well, I haven’t been posting for quite awhile. Sorry about that! Two weeks ago I was in to Virginia for Joseph and Janine’s wedding on November 16. Here is a picture of their beautiful wedding cake, done by Nellie Mallow and Ruth Shrock. I thought it turned out very nice.