Summer Update, Part 1

Our last day of school and school program was May 20. The program went very well! Although the students had been complaining about all the practice, after the program they were wishing they could do it over again because it was so fun. I was glad they enjoyed it. Here’s a few pictures from that evening.

The following day, May 21 was the school picnic. Afterward I finished up all my stuff at school.

Monday and Tuesday were busy and somewhat stressful days of trying to get myself ready to go to Guatemala. But I did take time to go out for breakfast with Connie.

Wednesday found me in the St. Louis airport bright and early. Although my second flight was delayed, everything went very well and I arrived safely in Guatemala around 1:00 p.m. where Nathan and Delores were waiting to pick me up. I had that afternoon and Thursday morning to relax at the mission and visit. Thursday afternoon I got a ride out to Chimaltenango where I spent Thursday night. Friday morning we headed to Tecpan to help with wedding setup. My main job was to document the day with my camera. (I had borrowed a camera for the event since I don’t currently own a good camera.) I spent Friday night with the bride’s family so as to be on location to start with pictures the next morning. I’ll share a few shots from the day.

It was a long day on my feet, but I was privileged to be a part of this special day. Congratulations, Jason and Mary!