January, February 2023

Here we are almost at the end of March and I am finally getting this posted that I wrote up the end of February. Still trying to figure out how to manage my time to stay on top of my updates and blog posts.

Greetings once again! Even though I never finished out last year I decided to go ahead and start on this year as here we are already at the end of February! This school year seems to be flying by! I have been kept very busy between school and other activities. I basically see my house when it’s time to sleep and that’s about it. Somehow I had the idea that maybe January and February would be a bit slower and I would have some Saturdays to sew, but that has not been the case. It’s flown by so fast that I don’t even remember what all has happened to catch y’all up on my life.

I traveled back to Illinois December 31st. Played volleyball with the youth that evening then came home to see the new year in by myself. Classes started again on the 2nd of January. A couple weeks after that was time for report cards. School has rolled along fairly normally with the normal ups and downs. I have spent more time at school on Saturdays this year which I would like to change, but I just can’t seem to stay ahead.

Winter around here is pretty drab, and there seem to be many cloudy, dreary days so I am extra thankful for beautiful sunrises and sunsets. They feel like such a gift from God to calm the soul. They really feel like a hug from God. I’m an outdoor girl and winters and cold are not my favorite thing. I miss the eternal summer of the tropics.

February has also flown by rapidly. The biggest event for me was my birthday. Somehow 31 seems so much older than 30. Not sure why. But I still see a birthday as a reason to celebrate and was privileged to spend the day with two dear friends. Other than that school keeps rolling right along and we are more than halfway through the third quarter. My students keep wondering about program songs and this poor teacher still doesn’t have her act together on that. (It has to be one of my least favorite parts of teaching. If anyone has any inspiration for me, I’m open to suggestions. )

That’s all for this time! God bless!