Back to Colorado!

Well, this may be a kinda random post of catching you up on a few of the happenings in my life the last while. Flew to Colorado on August 25. For the most part everything went very smoothly. We did have to wait a bit in Salt Lake for a crew, but only got into Junction a few minutes late. The worst part of the day was sitting beside a child/teen with very bad BO! Sad smile I was never so glad to get off an airplane! At least it was only an hour flight and I was able to sleep for some of it. Brenda kindly picked me up in Junction and brought me home. I came back to new carpet in my room and new furniture. Smile Well, new for me anyway. When they did the carpet they decided the bedroom set was too trashy to put back in my room so I got Arlin’s old set. That is nice since some of the drawer handles were off the other set and some of the drawers didn’t work very well. But, I had to find a new home for things. I was very glad for the organizing I had done last school year, but really need to do some more. Maybe I have too much stuff….

I worked at school everyday from the time I came until the day school started. I had hoped to get done sooner, but had some difficulties with my birthday chart. I had an idea in mind but wasn’t quite sure how to work it out in real life. So I went online and found a picture of a banana leaf, then used an overhead projector and drew it off onto poster board. I did 12 of them. Then I colored them all using oil pastels. Then I cut them out. Everything good so far. Hmm. Might be nice to have them laminated. Oops! Not a good idea. The oil pastels melted off. Sad smile Now what. I had to think of plan B.  So, I went back into town and took the leaves to get color copied. They wouldn’t be ready till the next morning. Ok. So the next morning she called and said they were ready. I took my scissors with me and after picking up the leaves went to Starbucks and got some coffee and sat there for an hour cutting leaves out. When I was about halfway done I called the Laminating place and told them I was bringing in some stuff to get laminated.  She said, “Ok. I start warming up the machine.” But, I got there only to find out she had gotten too busy and wasn’t able to do them right away. Bummer! Sad smile So I had to go back in town that evening to pick them up. Then they had to be cut out yet. Needless to say, that project took way longer than I wanted. But I did get it up before school started. Smile I felt way more ready for school this year than any year yet. I’m glad I allowed as much time as I did to get ready. My theme this year is tree frogs. Here is a picture of my Birthday chart:


Oh, and the first day I started working at school I was cleaning my walls. When I went to move my bookcase out from the wall it was rather wobbly. I decided I was tired of this pitiful bookcase that the back didn’t stay on and wasn’t very sturdy. I went to town looking for a bookcase. After looking at Salvation Army and ReStore in Montrose and finding nothing suitable, I went to Renovator’s warehouse in Delta where I found a sturdier one that would work. It is veneer, not solid wood, but much better than my last one. The next day I went and picked it up and took it to school. I took all the books and stuff out of my old bookcase. Then I scooted it out from the wall and moved the new bookcase in. Well, when I went to move the old bookcase totally out of the room, the bottom part just collapsed! I was so glad the books were already off of it and I had another bookcase! I can only imagine if that would have happened during class when the bookcase was loaded with books!!

Here is a picture of my class this year:


Daphnee         Ashley          Haley       Briana        Micah       Shane      Brian

Daphnee and Haley are sisters and Ashley is their cousin.

Briana, Micah, and Shane are also siblings.

Ashley and Shane are in 6th grade. Brian is in 7th.  Briana and Daphnee are in 8th.

Haley in 9th. And Micah in 10th.

Well, I could write much more, but my fingers are going to sleep so it is getting a little hard to type so I guess I will sign off for now.

I would love to hear from y’all! –Rachel